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About Us

We believe everyone should experience all the fun the outdoors has to offer! Whether you prefer to tear it up on the trails, mountain or open water, these experiences shouldn’t be just for those who can afford an ATV, snowboard or beautiful boat. We thought to ourselves wouldn’t it be nice if we could use one of those items for a day or two? Then we realized others had the same thoughts but no solution.

The average recreational item is used 6 times per year – collecting dust the rest of the time. Our platform helps connect people who want to rent recreational items like kayaks, snowmobiles, canoes, etc. with people who want to generate extra income while they’re not using their items. Not to mention, people with recreational items often know the best local places to use them! That advice is free of charge!

Buying a recreational item for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars can cause a financial strain for many people. For those who are lucky enough to own these toys, hauling them long distances can be a chore. Has a busy schedule caused your skiis, dirt bike or pontoon to sit and collect dust? We’ve developed a way to help you make money when you’re not using them. By listing your recreational vehicles and outdoor equipment, you make it easier for adventure seekers in your area to find the tools they need for their next experience.

Our official launch date is estimated time to be in the Fall of 2019. Don’t worry – this gives everyone time to sign up for news releases, tips and content about our favorite outdoor adventures, and a chance to sign up early to list your items. We want everyone to know about what’s happening close to them and get everyone outdoors to experience their adventure!

How to Borrow

Create An Account

Once your account is created you will have access to post listing as well. Signup is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Separate accounts are not needed for listing and renting.


Once you’ve found the perfect item, pick your reservation date, pickup and drop off time. The owner will be notified and will be able to confirm the reservation or request any slight changes like pickup time.


On the reservation date and at the shown reservation time pick up your item. Make sure you thoroughly look at the item before leaving and document any damages that are already present. This will come in handy if any dispute arises.

Care for the Item

While we want you to enjoy your time with your rental, treat the item with care as to not damage it. While in your possession you are responsible for the item in its entirety. Also, be sure to treat the outdoors with respect and care to avoid personal injury. Enjoy your day or days with the item.


At the specified drop-off time, bring the item back to the owner where you’ll thoroughly check the item before leaving and document the returned condition. This helps both parties ensure they’re not liable for any damages not caused by them. If you had the time of your life or want to provide feedback about your experience, you have the option to leave a review to let us know how we did.

How to Lend

Create Your Listing

Create a listing with pictures and information describing your item. Use the calendar to show the dates the item is available for rent. Once you publish your listing frequently monitor your dashboard for any rental requests or questions from renters.

Accept a Rental Request

Once someone has requested to rent your item and the pick-up and drop-off dates and times are agreed on, click accept and the reservation calendar will update with who will be picking up the item.

Meet the Renter

Be sure to have the equipment ready to use and meet your renter at the agreed time and location. Thoroughly look at the item before letting the renter leave and document the condition of the item. This will come in handy if any dispute arises.

Respond to Messages from the Renter

From time-to-time, the renter may have a question regarding the item. It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date in the app and to respond promptly to any questions from the renter to ensure the best care is being used with your equipment.


Now that the item has been rented you can sit back, relax, and earn some extra cash! Super easy with minimal work.

Drop Off

At the specified drop off time meet the renter with the item. Make sure you thoroughly look at the item before letting the renter leave and document the condition of the item. This will come in handy if any dispute arises.


You never pay out of pocket. When you lend your items, we charge a small transaction fee and send the rest directly to your account. Here are some examples of lendable items and their estimated rate for daily use:

$125 - $400
$75 - $175
$75 - $250
Jet Ski
$75 - $250

$10 - $50
$20 - $75
$100 - $350
Paddle Board
$25 - $75

$10 - $50
$20 - $125
Climbing Gear
$25 - $100
Fishing Gear
$25 - $100


Answers to some of the most common questions we have gotten so far...

Are my items insured?

The short answer is yes! Our user agreement places the risk and responsibility on the renter for safe and normal usage of all property. If the renter damages the property in any way, they are fully responsible and will repay you for all damages. Rest easy knowing damages will be covered!

How are disputes handled?

In case two users have disputes we handle and settle all disputes per our dispute guidelines. We highly recommend taking pictures before and after each rental to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding the condition of your property. If a user submits a dispute we give 72 hours for all information to be submitted, then our team will review and rule. Users who do not comply with the ruling will be subject to further action including binding arbitration and small claims per our user agreement. This is standard stuff but hopefully we all can avoid this.

How do payments work?

When a renter books a listing and the booking is confirmed, the renter is charged the associated fee for the total duration of the rental. Once the rental period is over and the required 24-hour claims period is over, we transfer the funds to the lister less the fees. It’s super simple and our listers get paid fast!

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